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If you would like to claim a pairing that is not already on the list below, please post a comment here with all of the necessary information.

If you would like to claim a pairing that is on the list, but currently inactive (that is, its status is listed as 0/13, or the author hasn't posted in over a year), please check with us and you may be able to get the claim.


Pairing Author Table Status
Alastor/Minerva [ profile] squibstress Accio! 0/13
Albus/Minerva [ profile] verbalklepto Accio! in progress
Alicia/Terence [ profile] rosevalleynb Accio! 0/13
Andromeda/Severus [ profile] condwiramurs Accio! 0/13
Antonin/Bellatrix [ profile] alley_skywalker Accio! in progress
Bill/Draco [ profile] anassa_anemou Accio! in progress
Bill/Scorpius [ profile] realitiedout Accio! 0/13
Bill/Tonks [ profile] ragdoll Accio! 0/13
Blaise/Daphne [ profile] leigh_adams Accio! in progress
Blaise/Ginny [ profile] hypertoast Accio! in progress
Charlie/Draco [ profile] deathlydragon Accio! 0/13
Charlie/Tonks [ profile] luvscharlie Accio! in progress
Daphne/Hermione [ profile] hamimifk Accio! 0/13
Draco/Albus Severus [ profile] arobynsung Accio! in progress
Draco/Blaise [ profile] fangqueen Accio! in progress
Draco/Hannah [ profile] scarletladyy Accio! 0/13
Draco/Neville [ profile] entrenous88 Accio! in progress
Draco/Theodore [ profile] eevilalice Accio! in progress
Evan Rosier/Severus [ profile] ivyclarice Accio! 0/13
Fabian/Dorcas [ profile] theda_gardevoir Accio! in progress
George/Luna [ profile] lauryne78 Accio! in progress
Ginny/Oliver [ profile] nephthysmoon Accio! in progress
Ginny/Pansy [ profile] kiertorata Accio! 0/13
Ginny/Tonks [ profile] tinnuros Accio! 0/13
Godric/Salazar [ profile] emisolde Accio! in progress
Harry/Astoria [ profile] sirmioneforever Accio! In progress
Harry/Bellatrix [ profile] tiraen Accio! 0/13
Harry/Cedric [ profile] queenvandal Accio! 0/13
Harry/Bill [ profile] isabet Accio! 0/13
Harry/Luna [ profile] luna_plath Accio! in progress
Harry/Sirius [ profile] stelladelnordxd Accio! in progress
Harry/Volemort [ profile] chokolattejedi Accio! 0/13
Hermione/Pansy [ profile] imera Accio! in progress
Justin/Pansy [ profile] darkhairedgirl Accio! in progress
Katie/Marcus [ profile] amaranthiumfic Accio! In progress
Kingsley/Neville [ profile] snapelike Accio! in progress
Kingsley/Severus [ profile] sassy_cat Accio! 0/13
Lavender/Parvati [ profile] holyfant Accio! in progress
Lucius/Lily [ profile] theamberthistle Accio! in progress
Lucius/Regulus [ profile] nathaniel_hp Accio! 0/13
Millicent/Theodore [ profile] hekate101 Accio! 0/13
Minerva/Elphinstone Urquart [ profile] minnabird Accio! in progress
Minerva/Irma [ profile] heathersmoke Accio! in progress
Minerva/Severus [ profile] crocky_wock Accio! in progress
Narcissa/Charlie [ profile] dallirious Accio! in progress
Neville/Charlie [ profile] autumn_veela Accio! in progress
Neville/Harry [ profile] uniquepov Accio! in progress
Neville/Hermione [ profile] krissy_cits Accio! in progress
Neville/Pansy [ profile] josephinestone Accio! in progress
Padma/Pansy [ profile] liliths_requiem Accio! 0/13
Parvati/Hermione [ profile] narcissaunicorn Accio! 0/13
Peeves/Moaning Myrtle [ profile] demented_mei Accio! in progress
Percy/Oliver [ profile] alcoholicberry Accio! in progress
Percy/Penelope [ profile] fiery_flamingo Accio! in progress
Remus/Hermione [ profile] articcat621 Accio! 0/13
Remus/Lily [ profile] sixtywattgloom Accio! 0/13
Remus/Regulus [ profile] tinykettle Accio! 0/13
Rodolphus/Bellatrix [ profile] elle_blessing Accio! in progress
Rodolphus/Narcissa [ profile] gamma_x_orionis Accio! in progress
Ron/Pansy [ profile] heartsignite Accio! in progress
Septima Vector/Aurora Sinistra [ profile] dexstarr Accio! in progress
Severus/Luna [ profile] jaggarte Accio! in progress
Severus/Sirius [ profile] dipping_sauce Accio! 0/13
Teddy/Victoire [ profile] ginny112 Accio! in progress
Theodore/Harry [ profile] freakingcrups Accio! in progress
Theodore/Hermione [ profile] fableleigh Accio! in progress
Theodore/Luna [ profile] couture_girl_20 Accio! 0/13
Theodore/Pansy [ profile] cadaverousapple Accio! in progress
Theodore/Parvati [ profile] slytheringurrl Accio! in progress
Tom/Harry [ profile] cynicalsadistic Accio! 0/13
Tracey/Gregory [ profile] jandjsalmon Accio! in progress
Zacharias/Megan [ profile] ceirdwenfc Accio! in progress


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Hey there! This account is so that Valerie and Amber can run various activities over at [ profile] rarepair_shorts such as fic exchanges and festivals. So keep an eye out!


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